Study Hard, Work Smart

The IB is complicated- with all its guidelines, criteria and in-depth exploration of some of the most challenging topics that would truly leave your brain satisfied, yet reeling. Here are some tips on how to internalize these topics, and still have enough time for CAS, socializing and some critical TOK thinking(hopefully).

Time yourself

No matter how many to-do lists you do, you would still end up pushing them back or completely not accomplishing them all. Despite this, try to time yourself and get a gauge of how well or how quickly you do a specific action in order to allot more time for ones that take you longer. This self-awareness will help you perform more efficiently and repurpose your schedule!

Stick to your goals

To the masters of procrastination, this one’s for you! How does it feel to achieve your aims, seeing the work finished and ticking that off your boxes? Remember that feeling every time you try to move away from your work or push it off for another day.

Reconnect with Nature

Spending time in nature allows the brain to completely relax and unwind, and helps you focus longer when you return to work. It resets your attention span and refreshes your thoughts. Also, studies have shown that students are more motivated to learn outside the classroom than inside the school.


After hours of work, one just feels burned out preventing complete productivity later on. Meditating through breathing exercises, yoga or even just being completely still with some soft music in the background. This is a time to reconnect with yourself and allows the regeneration of energy which will leave you ready for the next big work!

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