Positive Study Breaks

Have you been studying for 3 hours straight? Bent over in a horrible position, eyes itching and brain hurting, it’s a totally relatable situation every student goes through. Taking a 10-minute break every hour could actually help you become more productive, and get the job done quicker.

Here are some helpful tips on how to spend your break efficiently:

Take a Walk – Not inside the library, nor your rooms. Take a breather and walk outside, no matter how quick.

Stretch – Your aching back will not thank you enough for the breather! Move your neck in circles, stretch upwards to loosen those back muscles and roll those shoulders back and forth.

Tidy Up – It has hardly efficient to work in a chaotic environment. You lose precious time looking for you hand-written notes and your brain actually gets distracted from all those unorganized supplies. And, though you should never clean as a means of procrastination, it can be relaxing to tidy up during one of your regularly scheduled study breaks. Then, you can return to your studies in a relaxed setting – sans pigsty.

Take a Quick Shower – Everyone feels invigorated when they are fresh out of the shower. Seriously, it’s like you’ve been reborn. During your next study break, take a five or ten-minute shower to help revitalize and refresh your body and mind. We also recommend you sing in there at the top of your lungs, but there’s no reason for that, other than fun.

What to Avoid:

Taking a Nap –Taking a nap can actually make you more tired, slow you down or stunt your productivity. If you must take a nap during your study break – a quick catnap (not longer than 20 minutes) is the best way to go.

Watching TV, Surfing the Web, Video Games & Other Media-Related Activities -Too much distraction, and time flies when you’re doing these so better avoid them!

Excessive Caffeine –Though you may think it’s your best friend during finals, too much caffeine has adverse effects and can actually cause you to crash in the end. Positive study break activities help with longer-term focus – not just the spurts of energy that caffeine delivers.

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