Literary Devices

  •       Personification-animals with human characteristics
  •       Zoomorphism-human to animals
  •       Metaphor
  •       Simile- like/as
  •       Synecdoche- parts of a whole “all hands on deck”
  •       Metonymy- association with something else “The White House announced…”
  •       Allegory- network of symbols, often biblical
  •       Symbol-
  •       Allusion- reference outside the text- Greek mythology, history, bible
  •       Intertextuality- one text in dialogue with another, whole story refers to another
  •       Irony:   Dramatic-audience know more than characters do
  •       Motif-repeated element ie  image, word, technique
  •       Imagery- description through senses

o   Visual, auditory, kinesthetic, gustatory, tactile, olfactory

  •       Synesthesia-confusion of the senses ie “it tastes loud”
  •       Sayings- proverbs
  •       Rhyme- repetition of sounds at the end of the line

o   Internal rhyme- middle

o   Near- almost but not

  •       Alliteration- repetition of the first sound
  •       Anaphora- I had a dream…
  •       Epiphora- anaphora at the end
  •       Assonance- repetition of consonants anywhere
  •       Sibilance- repetition of s or sh
  •       Euphony- good sounds
  •       Cacophony- bad sounds p, k, b
  •       Onomatopoeia- sounds ie bang!
  •       Caesura- creates a pause
  •       Diction- word choice, vocab

o   Denotation- dictionary definition

o   Connotation-

  •       Semantic field- words that reference to the same type of thing ie colors, nature
  •       Syntax- how the sentence is made
  •       Juxtaposition- putting things next to each other which has meaning
  •       Foreshadowing- a black crow

o   Enumeration- list

o   Parrarelism- same grammatical structure

o   Inversion-

  •       Paradox- contradiction in meaning
  •       Oxymoron-
  •       Pathetic fallacy- weather matches the mood of the person

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